GlobalTranz Viewpoint: Powering Through Peak Shipping Season With Innovative Tech Solutions

Russ Felker, CTO
Russ Felker, CTO

Russ Felker, CTO

With supply chains across industries facing significant disruption during the onset of the pandemic, logistics providers were all hands-on deck helping customers adjust to new challenges. From managing limited truckload availability to shipping workout equipment directly to homes, customers in the retail, grocery and manufacturing sectors sought partners that would provide them with the industry experience and technology capabilities to handle shifting market conditions and consumer behavior.

GlobalTranz, a leading technology-enabled third-party logistics solutions provider,offers award-winning technology, people-powered customer service, and extensive multimodal carrier relationships. Based in Arizona, the company works with customers across North America in a variety of verticals to provide tech-driven logistics solutions.GlobalTranz couples its tech-enabled capabilities with a personalized, consultative approach for its customers. “What sets GlobalTranz apart is our unique combination of forward-looking technology solutions and an experienced, human approach. We combine expertise from our industry veterans with innovative technology solutions to make a variety of logistics strategies possible for our customers,” says Russ Felker, CTO of GlobalTranz.

GlobalTranz commissioned a market trends survey of supply chain leaders and decision-makers to understand how they were pivoting their businesses to adapt to shifts and changes this year. The survey results indicated that many decision-makers were not initially prepared for the market shiftsbut took strides to find solutions and partners to help them navigate the troubled waters. In particular, 35% of supply chain decision-makers did not feel they had an omnichannel strategy to adjust to consumer buying behavior, but 8 in 10 report they’re working with or looking for partnerships to meet the demand of this year’s peak season.

As the pandemic continued through the year, customers expressed to GlobalTranz their need to deliver products directly to their consumers. The Customer Solutions team, comprised of GlobalTranz experts with decades of industry experience, collaborated with customers to understand how consumer expectations had shifted to increasing demand for at-home delivery.According to the market survey, at least 6 in 10 respondents reported theyexperienced an influx of customers wanting last-mile delivery solutions and increased demand for white-glove service.The company’s experts listened to customers who wanted to enhance their home delivery or faced restrictions from large parcel carriers around shipping volumes of bulky consumer products.In response, GlobalTranz launched its Final Mile Solution, an offering that addresses the complexities of the last leg of a shipping route. The company’s Transportation Management System includes a built-in final mile module that automatically pairs the linehaul carrier with a final mile carrier, thereby eliminating accessorial charges and reducing damages, claims and costly returns.

The Finale Mile Solution also offers customized Doorstep Delivery options to help customers meet increasing demand. To illustrate the impact of this solution, GlobalTranz has a relationship with a prominent luxury furniture customer that has grown from $500 to $12M in revenue over six years. This customer, like many others, came to GlobalTranz to express frustration that 30,000 of their parcel shipments were being rejected from major parcel carriers due to their size. This would impact the customer’s ability to meet delivery demand during peak season, thereby threatening their revenue and reputation. As a solution, the GlobalTranz team used this feedback to design and implement an alternate delivery solution. Doorstep Delivery ensures the timely delivery of orders in peak season and beyond - as a testament to this solution, the customer awarded its 30,000 peak season shipments to GlobalTranz.

This year, GlobalTranz also launched its Pop-Up Fleet Solution, aimed at providing protection against fluctuating rates and tight capacity. Shippers across the U.S. faced heightened freight capacity due to pandemic-related surges in the market.In response to customer feedback, GlobalTranz developed a solution that leverages its network of more than 50,000 truckload carriers. GlobalTranz’s team works directly with its shippers to develop tailored Pop-Up Fleet solutions at pre-set rates to control costs and provide additional capacity needed to take freight across the finish line.

Another key offering that GlobalTranz designed for customers is its mobile application. Released this fall, the next generation mobile application provides truckload carriers with access to freight opportunities, real-time visibility and 24/7 support. GlobalTranz’s market survey indicated that 8 in 10 supply chain decision makers say it’s important for a company to provide real-time data to everyone across the company and provide support 24 hours a day. The application offers features like real-time tracking that reduces the need for check calls, easy document uploads from drivers’ smartphone cameras and real-time load status updates with the press of a button. “As the world becomes increasingly agile and mobile, GlobalTranz strives to provide shippers and carriers with innovative solutions that prioritize visibility, efficiency and real-time updates,” says Felker.

Looking ahead to the coming year, GlobalTranz will continue listening to customers’ individual needs and developing tailored solutions that fit their industries and conditions. The company’s experts bring decades of industry experience to the table while also staying versed in the latest technology innovations. GlobalTranz will strive to bring its tech-driven and customer-first approach to whatever shipping and logistics challenges that lie ahead.